California residents were left shocked when news emerged of a 16-year-old boy allegedly shooting five people on Saturday, September 3, 2022, in Chico. According to the Chico Police Department, the shooting incident took place during a house party on the 1500 block of West Fifth Street in the Northern California city.

A video of the shooting incident was found from the scene and according to the police, investigating detectives and patrol officers have already watched it. A few officers of the Chico Police Department recognized the suspect, who is a 16-year-old juvenile with prior records.

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The five victims were transported to a nearby hospital and according to the Detectives who are working the case, three of them were released after treatment from the area hospital. However, two of the victims are still at the hospital and receiving treatment, but no further information regarding their health was announced.

Rumours have been spread on social media that all five victims have died, however, the investigating officers have disputed the claim.

After watching the video that captured the shooting incident, the Detectives began an extensive search for the teenage boy who is currently the prime suspect of the shooting incident at the house party. It was later revealed that during the search, people close to the suspect urged him to surrender to the city police. The juvenile suspect surrendered to the Chico Police Department at 4:31 pm on Sunday and was immediately taken into custody without any mishaps.

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“This was an example of a senseless crime that resulted in the serious injury of innocent partygoers,” Sergeant Nick Bauer, a spokesperson for the Chico Police Department, said in a press release.

According to the local police, no information regarding the identity of the teenager can be released because of his age. They also did not reveal how the juvenile suspect came across the gun that was used in Saturday’s shooting. However, the police have revealed that the suspect was taken to the Butte County Juvenile Hall after he surrendered.

The police say that some officers were patrolling near the Cedar and Fifth Street area on Saturday when they heard gunshots. After hearing shooting sounds, the officers decided to conduct an area check and the dispatch began to receive several 911 calls reporting gunshots and multiple injuries at a house party in the area.

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Following their arrival at the scene, police officers gave the victims immediate treatment before the paramedics transported them to an area hospital by ambulance.

The shooting incident is currently under investigation by the Chico Police Department, who have urged residents to come forward with any relevant information and contact the department at 895-4911.