As Friendship day gets closer, people have been going all out with ways to celebrate their friends and mark the day special for the bond they share. Here’s where the iconic interaction circle comes into the picture.

Not sure what is it exactly? Worry no more, we’ll tell you.

Interaction circles have gained popularity on the microblogging site Twitter in the last few months. The auto-generated circle is a pictorial representation of who the user interacts with the most. The centre of the circle depicts one’s most interactive follower and as the concentric circle increases outwards, the intensity of interaction decreases.

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So, of course, the users had to thank their most interactive friends on Twitter and thank, they did.

How to create an interaction circle?

Web app Chirpty is responsible for generating Twitter interaction circles. It uses public data from the Twitter API. All you need to do is visit, find a free slot and enter your Twitter username in the field provided. That’s it. The website/web app will automatically generate the result and you can then download it.

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Three concentric circles are generated. One with eight accounts, next with 15 and the last with 16. Free slots are available rarely because the Twitter API lets the app make only a limited number of requests every 15 minutes to Twitter. Therefore, the requests are taken care of on a first-come, first-served basis. If you, however, have a very short attention span and want this to be done as quickly as possible, you can skip the queue by becoming a Chirpty shopper for $0.99.