Bernie Marcus’ statement on young people has led to boycott calls against Home Depot. The billionaire co-founded the home improvement retail corporation and was the CEO and chairman until retiring in 2002.

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Marcus reportedly labeled most young people as “fat, lazy, and stupid with no motivation to work.” These comments provoked controversy and prompted many to criticize the company’s founder.

Though in reality, he said, “Nobody works. Nobody gives a damn. ‘Just give it to me. Send me money. I don’t want to work — I’m too lazy, I’m too fat, I’m too stupid.”

Several critics said such broad generalizations are not only disrespectful but also promote damaging prejudices about young people. The comments have been attacked for their disparaging character and for unfairly discounting an entire generation’s potential and ability. Many people have expressed their anger and called for a boycott of Home Depot on social media channels.

Many critics took to their social media handles to express their anger at Home Depot, calling for a boycott.

One Twitter user said, “The billionaire co-founder of Home Depot Bernie Marcus said that young people are fat, lazy and stupid with no motivation to work. Will you join me in never shopping at The Home Depot again?” 

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“Home Depot needs boycotting. Retired CEO Conservative cofounder Bernie Marcus remains a critic of wokism but CURRENT management claims he no longer represents position of HD.HD discontinued their military discount program but FUNDS far-left woke causes. May HD sink into woke ocean”, another user tweeted.

One user said, “Exactly. This same💩comes up every time, over and over and over and over. I’ve seen it for years. Bernie Marcus is 94 and retired from The Home Depot in 2002.  He has nothing to do with the company anymore.”

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“Seems like a good time to remind you that Bernie Marcus no longer has any involvement with Home Depot and almost certainly has completely divested from his HD holdings. Marcus still a scumbag, though.” a user tweeted.