During a meeting of wealthy fundraisers for newly announced 2024 presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, protesters demonstrated in front of a posh hotel in Miami. Watch the video here:

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Several hours before Mr. DeSantis announced his run for president in a wild Twitter event with Elon Musk, the protesters gathered outside the city’s Four Seasons hotel to oppose him.

“All of us against DeSantis,” a group of protesters chanted as they snaked across a Brickell Avenue sidewalk in front of the Four Seasons Miami. “Take him down, take him down, take him down,” they shouted.

Outside the Four Seasons, there was barely any sign of a pro-DeSantis group, exposing the area to his critics. Two billboard trucks were driving around Brickell, one for the DNC and carrying DeSantis attack commercials, the other for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

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Trump also had a small group of supporters there. A group of about a dozen guys holding banners that said “Ron=Traitor” and other words carried ‘Blacks for Trump 2020′ t-shirts.

The Miami Herald reported that Mr. DeSantis was not actually at the hotel at the time. DeSantis submitted his statement of candidature to the Federal Election Commission earlier on Wednesday.

The second term of Florida State’s governor is being served by the rising Republican star, who won reelection by a wide margin just a year ago. In 2018, he narrowly defeated other candidates for the position.

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However, not everyone is pleased with him for bringing his alleged extreme right-wing politics to the national scene. According to the Miami Herald, the demonstrators at the Four Seasons hotel appeared to be over 100 and were chanting “F*** DeSantis” during the conference.

Other signs read “Protect trans youth” and “Ban DeSantis not books.” More than a dozen protesters were detained earlier this month for demonstrating in front of Mr. DeSantis’ Florida Capitol office.