Representative Kevin McCarthy faced defeat in the second ballot for House Speaker as Representative Jim Jordan, who was nominated this round, has gained votes.

No house speaker was elected in the first round after McCarthy fell short on votes amid opposition in his party. He received 203 votes as the remaining 19 Republicans voted for other candidates. McCarthy needs 218 votes, but the number could change if members withhold their votes.

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The White House in a statement said President Joe Biden has no plans to interfere in the messy process underway on Capitol Hill of electing a new House Speaker.

“The president served as a US senator for 34 years and he understands how this process works,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. “He certainly will not insert himself in that process,” he added.

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McCarthy’s failure to garner enough votes to win the speakership led to uncertainty about the result.

The White House has watched that process intently as the administration works to discern who will lead the chamber over the next two years.

However, the President remains hopeful of working with both parties in the coming months.

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“We are looking forward to working with congressional colleagues, including Democrats, Republicans, and independents this year in the new Congress, to continue to move the country forward for the American people,” Jean-Pierre said.

The House can’t start the new Congress or swear in new members until a speaker is elected. It’s a historic defeat for Kevin McCarthy and warring House Republicans. After the second round of voting, which has not happened in a century, McCarthy is still nowhere close to the majority.

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Democrat Hakeem Jeffries, the minority leader is also ahead of McCarthy, with 196 votes against McCarthy’s 183. Jeffries won’t be able to get a majority, with Republicans controlling the House, but he is playing a significant role in the epic embarrassment for McCarthy.