Logan Paul,
the American YouTuber and professional wrestler, stirred up a hornet’s nest
after he accused Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny of using a controversial tax break
in The Philip DeFranco Show, a YouTube news and conversation show run by Philip
DeFranco. Paul, 27, was talking about the philanthropic work he was doing Puerto
Rico when the subject of Bad Bunny came up.

Paul said
Bad Bunny was “privately taking advantage of the same tax programme that he is
publicly condemning,” adding however that he loves Bad Bunny as an entertainer.
“He’s a generational talent, but I do find it hypocritical,” Paul said.

The tax
programme Logan Paul is talking about is Act 22. This law allows foreigners to
settle in Puerto Rico and exempts them from paying local taxes generated on
passive income, including stocks. The 2012 law is aimed at incentivising
investment in the island. This has led to millionaires from across the world
attempt to find home here.

accusation that Bad Bunny has been using the same tax break he condemns comes
after a 22-minute documentary titled El Apagon Aqui Vive Gente (The Blackout –
People Live Here) named people who used this tax break, including Logan Paul.

For Bad Bunny
and numerous other Puerto Rican activists, Act 22 has led to gentrification in
Puerto Rican society leaving ordinary Puerto Ricans worse off.

When Logan
Paul made the remark at the Philip DeFranco show, DeFranco was heard mumbling
to his team, “Did he just accuse Bad Bunny of tax fraud?”

comments did not go down well with Bad Bunny’s fans. “White coloniser tries to
gaslight and bend the truth after his feelings were hurt after being called a
coloniser,” a Twitter user wrote sharing a video put out by Philip DeFranco.

Twitter user pointed out that Bad Bunny cannot use the tax break Logan Paul is
accusing him of using. “Bad Bunny was born and raised in Puerto Rico. He cannot
use that tax programme because that is strictly for foreigners that move to
Puerto Rico.”

“Using an
actual Puerto Rican native to deflect is crazy lmfao. Bad Bunny is not the one
contributing to gentrification in Puerto Rico like Logan Paul is,” the user