The case of affirmative action, one of the biggest in American history, has been decided by the Supreme Court. The university admissions process is now not subject to positive discrimination in favor of African American, Hispanic-American, and Native-American applicants.

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The Supreme Court’s decision puts an end to a 60-year effort and comes as “contextual admissions,” which aim to promote “inclusivity,” are beginning to gain traction in UK universities. This decision has now riled up a storm among politicians, journalists, and users of social media.

President Biden called for a “new path forward.”

“The truth is, we all know it, discrimination still exists in America,” he said. “Today’s decision does not change that. It’s a simple fact. If a student…had to overcome adversity on their path to education, colleges should recognize and value that.”

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Now, New York Times has come under scrutiny for its recent tweet. The post read: “Breaking News: The Supreme Court rejected affirmative action at Harvard and UNC. The major ruling curtails race-conscious college admissions in the U.S., all but ensuring that elite institutions become whiter and more Asian and less Black and Latino.”

In response to this, a social media user commented, “So the NY Times is being blatantly racist as usual. They are saying they don’t think Black and/or Latinos are smart enough to get into these schools.. should be ashamed of yourselves @nytimes — This is what racism looks like,” while another one said, “Are you under the impression Blacks and Latin folks can only be admitted based on their color and not based on their merits? Seems pretty racist. It’s always the “progressives” that are the biggest racist.”

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A third Twitterati stated, “In summary, the New York Times explicitly believes that the only way non-whites can achieve a Harvard education is if they are given preferential treatment and access,” and a fourth user said, “As an American who is a minority I have never needed any step up or special help to achieve my goals. Anything I have not achieved was because of my own lack of follow-through or volition. The Racism of low expectations is so gross.”