A shocking altercation involving at least a dozen individuals can be seen breaking out in shocking video taken inside a baggage claim area of a crowded airport.

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According to police officials, the large brawl took place on May 22nd at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport.

Following the altercation, which involved passengers striking each other, yanking hair, and rolling about on the ground next to a baggage claim carousel, two persons were taken into custody.

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In the footage, which lasts for nearly a minute, passengers can be heard telling those fighting to “stop.”
The altercation between two passengers as they exited the plane appears to have started the large-scale brawl.

The use of violence by the passengers in terminal three’s lower level shortly after 11 p.m. has been confirmed by Chicago police. Tembra Hicks, 20, of Carol Stream, Illinois, and Christopher Hampton, 18, both of Maywood, Illinois, were detained for allegedly striking a 24-year-old lady.

Each of them was accused of one count of misdemeanor violence. However, the video, which Chicaoo police posted on Twitter, shows a number of people fighting, with a number of smaller groups splitting off as the altercation grew larger.

In a statement, Chicago Police said: “A verbal altercation during deplaning progressed on the lower level of terminal 3 when the victim, a 24-year-old woman, was punched by two perpetrators. The culprits were detained and charged appropriately.

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While one group grappled on the floor, kicking and pulling fistfuls of hair, another group punched and kicked one another as they jumped onto the baggage carousel.

Other passengers rush in to attempt and break up the fight, tearing individuals apart, others can be heard in the video screaming for security. Even some of the women who were fighting with others appeared to have lost their shoes in the altercation.

A man can be seen punching a woman after knocking her to the ground and using her headphones as a weapon, which causes the spectators watching to yell louder.

Others can be seen holding a woman down by her hair as travel pillows and other items are seen lying around the baggage claim area. A woman who was knocked to the ground in the thick of the melee manages to stand up and leave the fight, leaving some of her vivid red braids on the floor.

Safety and security are always the Chicago Department of Aviation’s top priority, according to a statement from the CDA. To make sure that everyone is safe while they are in our facilities, we closely collaborate with all of our federal partners present at O’Hare and Midway International Airports as well as the Chicago Police Department.

Additionally, the CDA makes sure that its airline partners have open channels of communication with public safety personnel regarding incidents that take place within their leased territories.