A viral video circulating on the internet shows a local news reporter caught off guard by his mother during a live broadcast. In a video shared on Instagram, Myles Harris, an Ohio-based reporter for ABC 6, can be seen briefly pausing after watching his mother’s car approaching from a distance.

Telling the cameraperson “That’s my mom. Hold on,” Harris looks closely at his mother’s car approaching. His mother then stops her vehicle and says, “Hi baby.” Harris then tells her, “I’m trying to work right now,” and proceeds to introduce his mother to De Angelo, the cameraperson. The video concludes with the reporter joking, “Don’t be holding up traffic because you got cars behind you”, and his mother driving away.

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“Typical Sandi. Yes, typical Sandi,” Harris captioned the video.  

Uploaded on February 20, the video has amassed over 1.1 million views and more than 7,600 comments.

One Instagram user wrote, “Mama was going around the city looking for him just to say hi. Gotta love a good mom.”

Another user added, “Moms always gon be ya biggest cheerleader.”

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One user stated, “The best moment of 2022 thus far.”

After going viral, the video was reportedly shared by ABC 6.  

Similar bloopers have surfaced on the internet in the past. From family members walking in during live shoots to reporters being knocked to the ground by passing vehicles, newspersons on camera are often caught off guard by their surroundings.

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A similar instance occurred in 2017 when American political analyst Professor Robert E Kelly was interviewed on BBC World News. The camera captured Kelly’s toddler walking into the room, followed by a baby sliding inside the room with a baby walker. Soon after, a woman, presumably his wife, rushed into the room to drag the kids out. A snippet of the video went viral on the internet.