A shooting at Peck Park in San Pedro, Los Angeles, California, has reportedly left several persons injured. At least five people have been shot at, according to Fox.

The Los Angeles Police Department has declared a citywide tactical alert since the shooters are still at large.

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When the LAPD issues a “tactical alert,” it does not always indicate a catastrophic event, but it is certainly important. A tactical alert, per an article in LA Weekly “means all-hands have to be on-deck — nobody’s going home early — because something serious is going down. It also means that lower priority calls — say, for example, a business dispute — are not responded to at all.”

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According to a 2013, LAPD Facebook post, a tactical alert is “the preliminary stage of the Department Mobilization Plan.”

“A Tactical Alert is an announcement of the anticipated redistribution of on-duty officers to achieve personnel levels necessary for controlling an emergency,” it further explains.

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A modified tactical alert, however, “provides the Director of Emergency Operations, Incident Commander or Communications Division watch commander a method of holding over watches without the disruption of “routine” police duties.”

Gun violence is not uncommon in Los Angeles. Last week, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department answered a call in which at least four persons were shot.

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California has some of the strictest firearms laws in the USA. A five-year Firearm Safety Certificate must be obtained for the sale, delivery, loan, or transfer of any handgun by paying a $25 fee, reporting applicant data to the state, and clearing a written test proctored by a DOJ Certified Instructor. Dealers are required to sell “California legal” firearms from the state’s Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.