After going missing earlier this week, a 4-year-old girl from Cyril, Oklahoma, is still unaccounted for, and police are appealing the public for help.

According to OHP Trooper Eric Foster, Athena Brownfield has been missing since last Tuesday. The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) and Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) have sent out infrared aircraft, boats, four-wheelers, and men on the ground to search the neighborhood.

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Who is Athena Brownfield?

Athena Brownfield is a four year girl from Cyril, Oklahoma. Brownfield was reported missing earlier this week.

Around 2 p.m., Brownfield’s whereabouts in Cyril’s 200 block of West Nebraska were reported missing. She has blonde hair, and a butterfly hoodie was her final known clothing choice. Initially reporting Athena to be three years old, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) has recently determined she is actually four years old.

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“The whole town has been out. We’ve also used dog teams and infrared,” OSBI spokesperson Lt Michael Francis said according to CrimeOnline. “We’re asking the community that if they want to come help to come to the Faith Church here in Cyril. That’s where we’re coordinating search efforts.”

“We’ve been in the air in helicopters with infrared, on the ground, around town there have been a lot of grid searches on foot and on four-wheelers, things like that,” Foster said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, FOX 25 reported. “Our Emergency Response Team (ERT), which is specially trained to go on foot in search of people and things, are out in coordination with civilians who have come and wanted to volunteer their time and effort.”

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According to OSBI officer Brook Arbeitman, authorities are trying to determine precisely when Brownfield was last seen. “We’re still working on putting together the exact timeline. But again, I can confirm that this investigation really kicked off yesterday at when the postal carrier located the 5-year-old and contacted the police department. And then we got involved later that night,” Arbeitman said, according to KOCO. “Then, of course, all of our law enforcement partners have joined us, and we’ve been looking for her nonstop since the original call came into the police department.”

“This is a very active and ongoing investigation, and right now our top priority is locating her. And sorting out who is responsible will come next. We need to find this little girl,” Arbeitman said. “She’s on her own in the elements. So, is that endangered? Yeah. But is she the victim of physical harm? That’s yet to be determined.”

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Arbeitman did not confirm reports that Brownfield is autistic, however, she stated that the child “has limited verbal skills.”