A woman is facing harsh criticism on social media for voicing her support for Hamas and accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. The woman has been identified as Bailey Quinn.

Quinn used social media to refute claims that Hamas terrorists had beheaded Israeli kids and to voice her concern over Gaza’s lack of electricity. After her remarks, she received severe backlash.

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Who is Bailey Quinn?

Bailey Quinn is a pediatric resident at UConn Health in Connecticut. She was slammed for supporting Hamas and denying violence done by them.

Several social media users slammed her for her stance and comments. One X user wrote, “Do she have a baby? Cause a woman who has gone through the pain of pregnancy will not text shxt on social media”

“She looks like someone who would spout this nonsense. They all look the same.” another user wrote.

However, several took her stand and commented, “Yeah sorry you should take this one down, she’s allowed to have her opinion. She’s not tearing down photos”

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In the aftermath of the October 7 tragedy and amid the ongoing struggle between Hamas and Israel, there has been a notable spike in anti-Semitic occurrences and acts of hatred directed towards Jews in the US and around the world. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reports that in the first two weeks following the start of the Middle East crisis—which was triggered by a Hamas attack on Israel—anti-Semitic incidents in the US increased by about 400%.

Antisemitism cases have increased dramatically around the world in the wake of the October 7 tragedy and the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

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In a written statement, Lior Haiat, the spokeswoman for Israel’s Foreign Ministry, said that “the official number of victims of the October 7 massacre is approximately 1,200.”