Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, sponsored the Inflation Reduction Act in the US Senate on Sunday. After a long round of voting, the crucial bill passed with Vice President Kamala Harris’ vote. The bill addressed topics like climate action, healthcare and tax.

“It has been a long, tough and winding road, but at last, at last, we have arrived,” the Democratic lawmaker said ahead of final votes on Sunday evening.

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Who is Chuck Schumer?

Chuck Schumer, 71, is currently the US Senate’s majority leader. The top Democrat, who is also the senior Senator from New York, currently heads the Democratic Caucus.

Schumer was born and raised in New York’s Brooklyn, where he continues to reside with his wife Iris Weinshall. The couple has two daughters: Jessica and Alison. Schumer’s father owned a small exterminating business and his mother was a housewife.

Schumer attended the James Madison High School in New York. He then moved on to Harvard University, and then Harvard Law School. He graduated in 1974.

Chuck Schumer kicked off his political career right after completing his education. He was elected to New York State Assembly. He later contested the Congressional elections in 1980, when President Jimmy Carter was in the White House. Schumer was elected to the 9th Congressional district.

After serving in the US House of Representatives for more than 18 years, the Democrat was elected to the US Senate in 1998. He became New York’s senior senator when Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan retired in 2000.

Following the elections of 2006, then-Majority Leader Harry Reid appointed Chuck to serve as Vice Chair of the Democratic Conference, the number three position on the Democratic Leadership team.

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Chuck Schumer also has a track record of successful elections. He has won every election he has ever participated in after being elected to his first public office.

Schumer became the Senate majority leader in January 2021, after Joe Biden won the presidential elections. Democratic lawmakers also took control of both Congressional chambers that year.