David DePape has been arrested for allegedly attacking Paul Pelosi, the husband of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, at the couple’s home in San Francisco. It has been revealed that DePape often posted conspiracy theories about QAnon, COVID vaccines, and the 2020 presidential elections on his Facebook profile. The account was deleted by Meta on Friday after his arrest.

The San Francisco Police Department has charged him with attempted homicide, assault using a deadly weapon, burglary, elderly abuse, as well as a number of other felonies.

Who is David DePape?

David DePape, 42, grew up in Powell River, British Columbia, before leaving about 20 years ago to follow an older girlfriend to San Francisco. A street address listed for DePape in the Bay Area college town of Berkeley led to a post office box at a UPS Store.

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Stepfather Gene DePape said the suspect had lived with him in Canada until he was 14 and had been a quiet boy.“David was never violent that I seen and was never in any trouble although he was very reclusive and played too much video games,” Gene DePape said.

He said he hasn’t seen his stepson since 2003 and tried to get in touch with him several times over the years without success.“In 2007, I tried to get in touch but his girlfriend hung up on me when I asked to talk to him,“ Gene DePape said.

David DePape was known in Berkeley as a pro-nudity activist who had picketed naked at protests against local ordinances requiring people to be clothed in public.

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An Aug. 24 entry titled “Q,” displayed a scatological collection of memes that included photos of the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and made reference to QAnon, the baseless pro-Trump conspiracy theory that espouses the belief that the country is run by a deep state cabal of child sex traffickers, satanic pedophiles and baby-eating cannibals.

In 2021, DePape had posted a number of links on Facebook to videos made by Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, which allege that the 2020 presidential election was stolen.

Other posts allegedly made by DePape on a WordPress blog, had statements like “Hitler did nothing wrong”. WordPress has since taken down this site.