The lady who was seen fighting with her husband’s confessed mistress in a famous Las Vegas brawl is a seasoned senior executive at LeBron James’ tequila company.

Who is Erin Harris?

Erin Harris, 42, is the accomplished chief marketing officer of Lobos 1707, a spirits brand launched in 2020 by the NBA star, his close friend, Maverick Carter, and other investors.

Danielle Pertusiello, 24, an OnlyFans model who is shown in the video with her skirt pulled up around her waist and her thong showing, spoke to Fox News Digital. In the altercation on July 9 at the Encore at Wynn Las Vegas, Harris was the aggressor.

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“She hit me from behind,” Pertusiello said. “I want people to know that she’s not all about women empowerment. She’s jumping little girls.”

Harris, a social justice activist and former senior vice president of rapper Diddy’s Combs Enterprises, has spoken out in favour of promoting the professional success of Black women.

Pertusiello claims that Harris allegedly confronted the Instagram model over the phone four months prior, sparking the animosity between the two.

According to the OnlyFans model, Erin Harris engaged a private investigator who found evidence that her 51-year-old husband, Mike Harris, was having an extramarital affair.

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The brawler admitted having the affair but remained unyielding.

“I told her if it’s not going to be me, it’s going to be someone else,” recalled Pertusiello.

Harris was married with children.

James and Erin Harris were in Las Vegas for the annual NBA Summer League event to promote Lobos 1707, and two individuals recognised Erin Harris in the video.

According to Pertusiello, Harris, who was with her companion, allegedly attacked her after spotting her from behind.

However, the security footage from the casino presents a less dramatic story. According to a complaint from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Pertusiello and Collado were witnessed getting tapped on the shoulders by Harris and her buddy.

According to the incident report, Erin Harris checked out of the hotel a day early and didn’t return calls from the police who were trying to speak with her.