Fans of 29-year-old YouTuber Eugenia Cooney were left deeply troubled by her latest video, where she appeared shockingly thin. The alarming footage has reignited concerns about her health and renewed calls for professional intervention.

In the video, Eugenia, originally hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, could be seen lip-syncing to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez’s “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” on TikTok. Clad in a tight purple jumpsuit, her emaciated figure was unmistakable. The video quickly amassed over eight million views within a day, but it was the comments section that spoke volumes.

Who is Eugenia Cooney?

Eugenia Cooney’s journey to internet stardom began in the early 2010s when she ventured into YouTube, initially sharing beauty tutorials. However, what initially appeared to be a rising career took a troubling turn as Eugenia’s physique became increasingly gaunt over the years.

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This transformation was met with growing alarm from her audience, culminating in a 2016 petition that sought to ban her from YouTube, with accusations of promoting anorexia. Eugenia’s response was a staunch denial, asserting that she never intended to exert a negative influence and never encouraged unhealthy body image practices.

In early 2019, Eugenia took a hiatus from social media to confront her personal battles. Her return a few months later raised concerns as viewers observed that her health had not significantly improved. She later disclosed that she sought help following friends’ expressed worries about her well-being.

This concern led to a 72-hour psychiatric hold (known as a 5150) at a Los Angeles hospital, followed by a four-week stay at a recovery center in Connecticut. Throughout her journey, Eugenia Cooney has been candid about her struggle with an eating disorder, although critics argue that her content may inadvertently encourage eating disorders among her viewers.

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Despite these challenges, Eugenia Cooney maintains an active online presence, boasting over two million YouTube subscribers and more than 400,000 Twitch followers as of August 2022. Her story is a stark reminder of the complexities surrounding body image, mental health, and the responsibilities of content creators in shaping the perceptions and behaviors of their audience.