After pretending to be a teenager and attending high school in New Jersey, a 29-year-old woman was taken into custody. Hyejeong Shin is accused of fabricating a government document after she presented a forged birth certificate to school officials so she could enroll in classes. Shin went to school for four days before the teachers uncovered her actual age and had her arrested.

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Who is Hyejeong Shin?

Hyejeong Shin is a 29-year-old Korean woman from New Jersey, who is accused of submitting a false birth certificate to the New Brunswick Board of Education. She allegedly did this with the objective of attending there as a minor high school student, according to the police. 

Shin spent the majority of her time at New Brunswick High visiting with counselors who were attempting to understand more about her. According to an article in New Brunswick Today, pupils thought Shin might be luring kids into sex work. The official reasons Shin sought to enroll in the school are still unknown.

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Hyejeong Shin allegedly texted some of the students inviting them to meet up. One of the students told CBS New York that after the girls failed to show up, the woman began acting strangely around them. After Shin was caught, all students were given a picture of her and instructed not to talk to her anymore. She has also been prohibited from entering any area of the school property anymore, according to a message sent to students.

Shin was not reachable for comment on Friday, and it is not clear if she has legal counsel yet. However, according to court spokeswoman Meghan Carney-Vilela, Shin is scheduled to show up in Middlesex County Superior Court on February 16 for a hearing.