Social media users have been sharing a recent tweet from Big Blue Wave USA that explored what MSNBC should do to increase its viewership. The post implies that the channel’s current best bet is to replace Andrea Mitchell with Jim Acosta.

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The tweet stated, “I can’t think of one singular move MSNBC could make to boost their ratings even more than giving Jim Acosta a regular time slot replacing Andrea Mitchell.”

Who is Jim Acosta?

Jim Acosta is a journalist and correspondent from the United States. He is well recognized for his service as CNN‘s chief White House correspondent from 2013 until 2021. Known for his heated interactions with former President Donald Trump and other administration officials during press conferences and other events, Acosta covered the Trump administration in great detail.

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Acosta started his media career covering local news in Washington, D.C., and in 2007, he joined CNN. He has covered a variety of domestic and international events throughout his career, such as presidential campaigns, natural catastrophes, and significant political developments.

Acosta’s journalistic approach frequently includes challenging authorities and holding them accountable. Both acclaim and condemnation were directed at him for his conflicts with the Trump administration. Others perceived him as biased or confrontational, while some saw him as a determined journalist fighting for press freedom.

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Acosta has worked as a White House correspondent as well as a weekend news correspondent for CNN and a contributor to other network programming. In 2019, he published a book titled “The Enemy of the People: A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America,” in which he provides his viewpoint on the difficulties that journalists confront in the present political environment.