Kavi Sharma
became the first South Asian American Girl’s Girl of the Year.

On Thursday,
December 29, 2022, the American doll line American Girl announced Kavika Sharma
as their 2023 Girl of the Year. She is the South Asian girl to win the title.

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Bajaj, bestselling author of the New York Times said, “I think South Asian
girls and women of all ages will feel seen, included, and represented.” She also
said, “Little girls will embrace her with joy, while older women may see her as
a gift to their younger selves. I hope that all kids will embrace Kavi as a
friend and love her story.”

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Who is Kavi

Sharma or Kavi Sharma lives in Metuchen, New Jersey.

On December 29,
2022, she was given the title of American Girl’s Girl of the Year. Kavi grew up
in an Indian family and practices Hinduism.

Her favorite
places in the world are New York City and Broadway. Kavi loves to sing tunes,
play piano, and learn new dance moves.

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Kavi is also
the doll line American Girl’s first South Asian main character. Kavi Sharma’s
doll and her book are retailed for $115.

Although Kavi
Sharma is South Asia’s first Girl of the Year, she isn’t American Girl’s first
character from South Asia. Kavi’s hardcover novel will mark its debut in 2023
with the name It’s Showtime, Kavi.

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The American
Girl’s general manager, Jamie Cyglielman talked about Kavi Sharma and said, “As we ring in a new year, we’re excited
to have Kavi Sharma take center stage in our popular Girl of the Year line-up.” 

Kavi Sharma’s
doll is of 18-inch with a medium skin tone, dark brown eyes along with
dark-brown layered hair in a half ponytail.

This line of
American Girl inspires children with confidence, fearlessness, and strength of