Jimmy John, the popular sandwich chain, left their customers scratching their heads after they sent out a Spotify Wrapped-style email telling people how many inches of sandwiches they consumed from their restaurant in the entire year. The end-of-the-year marketing email was called the 2022 Sandwich Report

The template of the email began with the words, “Hey (customer’s first name) 2022 was pretty yummy. Thanks for being a Freaky Fast Rewards member. Let’s walk down memory lane, shall we?”

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This was followed by a picture of a Jimmy John’s sandwich with the number of inches eaten written in bold.

“In 2022, Freaky Fast members ate over 637,699,376 inches of sandwich… do with that what you will,” the email concluded. 

Safe to say, social media users did not really know what to make of the email. While most of the people took it as a joke, many others did not appreciate being told how many inches of sandwich they had consumed this year. 

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“Jimmy John doing a Spotify Wrapped and telling customers how many inches y’all ate for the year is nasty business,” one of them raged, while another wrote, “Just got an email from Jimmy John’s with my ‘2022 Sandwich Report.’ Need to reevaluate some things.” One more stated, “Jimmy John’s just sent me a Spotify Wrapped-style ‘2022 Sandwich Report’ and I don’t really know how to feel about 208 inches of sandwich.”

One Twitter user said, “Jimmy John’s is sending customers a year-end sandwich report. Meanwhile, Five Guys is sending me a collections notice.” Another commented, “I don’t know what I’m more embarrassed by my Spotify Wrapped or my Jimmy John’s Wrapped. #freakyfast.” One more stated, “Jimmy John’s doing an end of the year wrap up is one of the more upsetting things that happened to me in 2022.”

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Another wrote, “Not a fan of Jimmy John’s sending me a wrapped. I could have gone my whole life without knowing the amount of Jimmy John’s I’ve eaten this year in inches. Also why choose inches? Like number of sandwiches would have been fine but inches???”