Laura Strietmann has been under severe scrutiny recently. A proposed Ohio constitutional amendment that would not only remove most limitations on abortion but also undercut parental-consent legislation has been dubbed a “Gettysburg moment” for the pro-life movement. At state hearings, this is being discussed in great detail, and here’s what Strietmann contributed to it.

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The head of Cincinnati Right to Life, Laura Strietmann, spoke at one of these sessions on Tuesday about the heartbreaking story of a 10-year-old rape victim. Because Ohio’s legislation doesn’t include a rape exception, the poor girl was forced to drive to Indiana last July for an abortion. “While a pregnancy might have been difficult on a 10-year-old body, a woman’s body is designed to carry life.” Strietmann referred to a young victim as a lady out of political expediency, saying, “That is a biological fact.”

Streitmann continued to spread false information after her horrible remarks. She asserted that it is a statistical reality that a child’s body is not meant to have horrible death devices remove her unborn child from her womb.

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As the clip of Strietmann’s comments went viral on social media platforms, a lot of people expressed revolt about her remarks. A Twitter user shared Strietmann’s video and said, “Laura Strietmann locked her account because she apparently didn’t want to defend her stance on rationalizing a 10-old rape victims trauma. People like Laura use religion to reconcile their inhumanity. All the while forgetting the co mpassion their religion is literally based on.”

Another user tweeted, “The callousness of this adult privileged WOMAN saying a 10 year old’s womb was designed to give birth is enough to stagger. Laura Strietmann is NOT pro life, pro child or pro woman. Shame.”

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Many people on social media also called Laura evil or disgusting, with one of them stating, “A little girl isn’t designed for rape or carrying a child or giving birth or being a parent. A little girl is a little girl. Women like Laura Strietmann are just pure evil,” and another saying, “Laura Strietmann, you are a disgusting human being. So, now, a 10 year girl is a woman. How does a 10 year old get pregnant? By magic? Just because the girl started her menstrual cycle, does not mean her body is ready for a 7lb baby. As always, protect the fetus.”