Major Lauren Olme, an Air Force pilot, became among the first women in the force to fly a supersonic jet while pregnant. The Air Force said in a press release that Olme flew a B-1 Lancer, a supersonic bomber, with her unborn baby. 

The release said that Olme’s baby became “one of the first babies in the Department of Defense to clock 9.2 hours in a supersonic aircraft”, thereby creating history. 

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Who is Major Lauren Olme? 

Major Lauren Olme is the assistant director of operations for the 77th Weapons Squadron at the Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene, Texas. She is married to Major Mark Olme, a bomb-wings weapons officer who is part of the 7th Operations Support Squadron, also based at Dyess. 

Like her husband, Lauren Olme is a graduate of the US Air Force Academy. An ABC report states that the duo is trained to fly the B-1 bombers, and they have completed the Air Force’s special weapons school course.

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“I can’t overexpress how amazing it is that pregnant women now have the opportunity to fly in all types of aircraft,” Lauren Olme said in a statement. 

“It’s a very personal decision that [my husband] Mark and I made together because there are risks involved in flying the B-1 while pregnant but after conferring with Air Force and civilian medical doctors, we felt comfortable with me flying for a few weeks,” she added. 

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“Lauren is an amazing lady, deploying a unit, developing a schedule, creating exercise scenarios, being a great pilot and leader, all while building a human,” her husband said in a separate statement.

“I am not sure how she does it all, and with poise and grace. I am extremely proud of her and I can’t wait to tell our child they got to fly supersonic in formation with mommy and daddy.”