Wilder Lucas, a married New York City Police Department (NYPD) lieutenant, has been accused of sexually assaulting and threatening Anny Ventura, a civilian employee of NYPD, in a new lawsuit. 

The lawsuit claims that after an affair between Lucas and Ventura went sour because of his aggressive behavior, Lucas tried to pressure Ventura into threesomes. 

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Who is Wilder Lucas? 

Wilder Lucas is a 41-year-0ld lieutenant with NYPD’s property department. He has been accused of sexually assaulting a civilian employee of the department, and threatening to throw her under the train if she went public with the affair, according to a lawsuit filed at the Manhattan Supreme Court. 

“My client was treated with contempt as a sexual object, harassed, sexually assaulted, and had her life threatened repeatedly at work by her supervisor who felt he could act with impunity due to his position,” attorney John Scola, representing Ventura, said in a statement to Fox News. 

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In 2021, Ventura and Wilder, both of whom were going through divorces then, began an affair bonding over their similar situation. The relationship took a romantic turn in the April of 2021, but did not last long as in September 2021 they separated. However, the separation was not simple as, according to the lawsuit, Ventura faced several instances of Luucas becoming “enraged”.

According to the lawsuit, in May, the pair visited a shooting range and then had a meal at Popeyes during their date. During the ride back home, Lucas purportedly demanded that Ventura perform oral sex on him while driving, but she declined.

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This refusal angered Lucas, and he proceeded to berate Ventura, telling her to be quiet while she cried and feared for her safety. The lawsuit is filled with several such instances of violation through the course of their relationship from April to September of 2021.