Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s mother screamed “she’s dying” after she was shot by a gunman who barged into the family home, according to a murder trial heard today. She screamed “Mum, I’m scared” seconds before she was shot dead. Cheryl Korbel was completely inconsolable as she begged someone to get a towel outside her house in Dovecote, Liverpool, a neighbor said in court.

Korbel, who was shot in the hand while desperately trying to shut the front door, begged to be taken to the same hospital as her daughter but was instead taken somewhere else, the court heard. One witness informed police that they saw her come outside crying, and saying “She’s dying, she’s been shot in the chest. Has anyone got a towel?” reported DailyMail.

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Who was Olivia Pratt-Korbel?

On August 22 last year, Olivia was sleeping at the family home in Liverpool, when she heard loud bangs outside and came downstairs to tell her mother, “Mom, I’m scared.”

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As per the murder trial at Manchester Crown Court, as her mother tried to barricade the front door, alleged gunman Thomas Cashman fired a shot that hit the child instead of its intended target, Joseph Nee. Korbel was at home with three children and opened the door after hearing the noise.

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The jurors were told that after firing another shot that hit the doorframe, the gunman garden-hopped until reached the nearby home of a woman with whom he earlier had a sexual relationship. Jurors also received dramatic eyewitness accounts from neighbors who watched in horror as shots rang out in their street, as reported by DailyMail.

Korbel managed to carry Olivia halfway up the stairs with the help of her son Ryan, and her elder daughter, Chloe, called an ambulance.

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The mother said Olivia went all floppy and her eyes went to the back of her head. She realized that the girl has been hit in the middle of the chest. She said a neighbor came in and started CPR on Olivia.

Korbel said she was taken to the hospital for treatment of her hand and while she was there, she was told Olivia “had gone”.