At the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Sunday evening, the main drive was closed for departures because of a major police presence. Following an examination into abandoned luggage that caused congestion and delays at the airport, the departures lane at SeaTac Airport is now once again available.

During the examination, a few of the departures terminal’s entrances and exits as well as the departures lanes were shut down for over three hours.

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TSA official Gervais Joubert reported that two suspicious suitcases were discovered at the airport’s ticket desk. The north section of the airport was evacuated after bomb technicians and Port of Seattle police responded, according to Joubert.

According to a spokeswoman, despite there being no risk to the general population, owing to protocol, police were investigating the situation like it was potentially dangerous. Together with a bomb robot and bomb unit operator, a bomb unit arrived to a location.

According to a KING 5 reporter who was on the scene, the closure’s prolonged shutdown resulted in commuter traffic and discontent among travelers. In response to the probe, SeaTac tweeted that travelers may face rerouting for departures or tickets.

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The FAA is currently requesting that customers contact their airlines to find out whether their flights are affected. At SeaTac airport on Sunday, there were 161 delays and three cancellations, according to FlightAware.

A Port of Seattle policeman moved everyone away from the police line at around 6:50 o’clock. “Everyone, please back up, there’s going to be a little boom,” he said.  A warning was also made via a loudspeaker that an explosion might occur.

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The cops found fishing and scuba equipment inside these bags that had been left there. Shortly before 8 o’clock in the evening, after police wrapped up their investigation and after the alleged objects had been “rendered harmless,” the airport was reopened fully.