Amazon Quiz: Now made from rubber and covered with either plastic, Surlyn, or urethane; what material was this sports equipment originally made of?


Leather covered with feathers


Only rubber

Cork covered with leather

Answer: Leather covered with feathers

Modern golf ball manufacturers use synthetic rubbers infused with polymers to make their products. The favorite form of the polymer at the moment is Polybutadiene. For this purpose, manufacturers are looking for the best elasticity which enables the ball to return to its original shape the fastest after being compressed by the club head.

The core construction greatly affects a golf ball’s performance. This happens to such a degree that one manufacturer can create an entire line of golf balls just from what a core is made of. In recent years, the golf ball market has seen the introduction of low-compression golf balls. It is essential that the core must be as large as possible to achieve this “soft feel,” and the new low-compression balls will typically be of two-piece construction.

Days before synthetic rubbers and plastics, the mantle layer was created with yards of rubber bands. This gave birth to the phrase “wound golf ball.” The purpose of this mantle around the core is to cut down on the spin generated by the core’s natural willingness to expand upon contact and thus increase control.

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