Amazon Quiz (June 18, 2022): There were widespread protests such as these, following the death of George Floyd in which of these cities?





Answer: Minneapolis

The murder of George Floyd in 2020 sparked protests all across the city of Minneapolis. These protests, which began on May 26, 2020, quickly turned into a global movement against racism and police brutality

Some of the first protests started after a video of police official Derek Chauvin suffocating Floyd by placing his knee on his neck for a period of over nine minutes went viral on social media. The video featured Floyd begging for mercy, attempting to breathe, and then eventually dying.

Days after his death, the city experienced significant damage, with riots, looting, and chaos all around, mostly in the south of downtown, where a police building was set on fire by furious protestors. 

About 1,300 properties, costing about $350 million in total, were damaged due to the uproar. 

Saint Paul, on the other hand, endured damage that cost $82 million and affected 330 structures and buildings, mostly those located on the University Avenue street.

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