Amazon Quiz: What is 7 times 8?






Answer: 56

According to Merriam Webster, Multiplication is defined as “a mathematical operation that at its simplest is an abbreviated process of adding an integer to zero a specified number of times and that is extended to other numbers in accordance with laws that are valid for integers.”

It is any of various mathematical operations that are analogous in some way to a multiplication of the real numbers but are defined for other or larger sets of elements (such as complex numbers, vectors, matrices, or functions)

When we think about multiplication, we usually think of the Times Tables. Times Tables are useful as a shortcut to carrying out the calculations.

Essentially, to multiply numbers is to add groups of a number. 

For example, if we have three groups of five flowers and we need to find the total number of flowers, we can either:

  1. add the flowers within the groups (5 + 5 + 5)
  2. or we can multiply the number of groups by the number of flowers in one group (3 groups x 5 flowers)

5 + 5 + 5 has the same meaning as 3 x 5 (3 groups of 5) and will, therefore, yield the same result.

Multiplying means repeated addition of a number. The number must all be the same before we can use it to multiply.

When we multiply, there is the Multiplier and the Multiplicand. The Multiplier is the number that tells us how many groups. The Multiplicand is the number inside each group. The Product is the answer we get after doing the multiplication.

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