Amazon Quiz: Which card game requires players to “ante”?



Crazy Eights

Go Fish

Answer: Poker

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It is crucial to have money in the pot before the deal in all variations of poker. Players would end the game by simply waiting for pocket aces if there was no money in the pot, which would favor conservative play.

One answer to that issue is an ante, which is a bet that every player must place on every hand. If there is an ante amount in a poker game, that amount is seeded into the pot by each player starting to the left of the button.

It’s crucial to understand that the small blind and big blind are distinct from the ante. Only the two players to the button’s left are subject to the forced bets, and the button shifts one position to the left after each hand.

The majority of antes occur in private casual games. In high-stakes games and casino settings, blinds are more prevalent.

In a typical poker game, only one of the two betting options—the ante or the blinds—will be used at the same time.