Amazon Quiz: Which Olympic medalist will face trial for murder in connection with the death of junior wrestler Sagar Dhankar?

Sushil Kumar

Pappu Yadav

Yogeshwar Dutt

Vijender Singh

Answer: Sushil Kumar

Olympic gold medalist Sushil Kumar was arrested by Delhi Police in August 2021 three months after the death of national wrestling champion Sagar Dhankar. The police presented a 1,000-page-long charge sheet explaining the motive behind the murder.

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The Olympic medalist is accused of ordering his bodyguards to kidnap Sagar Dhankar and others on May 4 due to tensions over a flat in Delhi that Sushil Kumar’s wife owns and was rented out to Sagar. Angered that Sagar Dhankar criticised him during an argument, despite the fact that he had gained the title of “Guru ji” (teacher) and enjoyed great respect from his fellow wrestlers, Sushil Kumar “intended to teach a lesson,” according to the police.

According to officials, tensions between Sagar Dhankar and Sushil Kumar reached their pinnacle following a dispute with neighbours about parking outside the flat, which was rented for 40,000 rupees. According to authorities, “notorious males” frequented the apartment when Sagar was a guest there, and Sushil Kumar didn’t like that.