On April Fools Day, share these wishes and jokes with your loved ones.

Every April 1st, April Fools’ Day is celebrated. It’s a day when people tell jokes and play harmless pranks on one another. All Fools’ Day is another name for this day. Texts and pranks are used by people to amuse their loved ones. It is expected that people will not object if a joke is made about them or with them. However, we must keep in mind that our jokes are not intended to be cruel to anyone.

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Have a look at this list of April Fools’ Day greetings and wishes to send to your friends.

— April Fool’s Day has been cancelled this year. But don’t worry, we will dedicate some other day for you.

— Happy birthday to you. You were born for this day!

— It’s April Fools’ Day! Wishing you a day that’s ‘fool’ of fun.

— It’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool than to open it and eliminate all doubt. Happy April Fool’s Day.

— I may forget to wish you on your birthday, festivals, or other special occasions, but I am grateful to God that I remember and wish you on this very unique day created just for you. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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— It’s your day today. You can be yourself and I know you will do a good job. Happy April Fool’s Day.

— You are extremely valuable to me. Even for a moment, I can’t imagine my existence without you. I am aware of you at all times! Don’t put too much strain on your head! I’m referring to oxygen. Happy April Fool’s Day.

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— It takes courage to make a fool of yourself and you have done a great job so far. Happy April Fool’s Day.

— You are gorgeous, amazing, intelligent, talented, caring, and understanding. Well, Happy April Fool’s Day.