According to reports, Huw Edwards allegedly sent colleagues at the BBC “inappropriate and flirtatious” messages as the organization urged staff to report any issues they may have faced.

An ex-staff member claimed “late night” texts from the newsreader that contained “kisses” constituted an “abuse of power,” while a current employee said they were left with a “cold shudder” after receiving comments about their attractiveness.

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Junior employees told the BBC tonight that the 61-year-old anchor had sent them “inappropriate messages,” but they also admitted that they had never formally complained to the company.

The report comes after Vicky Flind, Edwards’ wife, identified him as the presenter accused of paying £35,000 to a “vulnerable” teenager in exchange for sexual photos.

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Shortly before she revealed his identity, the Met Police announced that it was no longer looking into the accusations against the seasoned BBC anchor as a “criminal offense.”

The three BBC employees—two of whom are now employed by the broadcaster and one of whom is an ex-staff member—came out with complaints in the hours that followed. Victoria Derbyshire, the host of BBC Newsnight, claimed she spoke with one former employee of the company.

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‘This person told me they had never met the newsreader, this person said that they had received late-night messages on social media including kisses from Huw Edwards, which they said they believed was an abuse of power.’

A BBC representative responded to the most recent claims by saying, ‘We are communicating with staff and will continue to do so. We always treat the concerns of staff with care, and would always urge any staff members to speak to us if they have any concerns.’

‘We have clear processes for making complaints within the organization, including whistleblowing procedures should someone wish to do so anonymously,’ it added.