Vicky Flind, Huw Edwards’s wife, identified him as the BBC presenter who has been involved in a scandal involving explicit photographs. A short while afterward, Sophie Raworth erroneously reported on BBC News at Six that her coworker Edwards had resigned.

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‘At Six, Huw Edwards is the presenter accused of paying a teenager for explicit photos,’ she said as the news program began. As Raworth was speaking about Edwards being the man charged with bribing a teen for pornographic images, she announced that he had also resigned.

However, Sophie was prompt to correct the error to viewers once sources later made it obvious that Edwards had not resigned. Just a little while later, she interrupted the conversation between Katie Razzall, the media editor, and Dominic Casciani, the BBC legal correspondent, to amend her earlier statement.

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“I must just correct something as well because this is all breaking in the last few minutes – he has not resigned, he has been named by his wife, he has not resigned,” Sophie said.

Seven people have made allegations against Huw Edwards. The first came from the parents of a young person, who alleged that their child had received almost £35,000 for pictures that were sexually explicit over a three-year period, commencing when the young person was 17 years old.

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A second teenager asserted that Edwards had sent them “threat messages,” and a third claimed that he had breached lockdown regulations to comply with them. A fourth young individual, who is now 23 years old, claims the presenter sent them texts with kisses and love heart emojis.

Three BBC staff have come forward with further allegations regarding their interactions with Huw Edwards in the hours following the revelation of his identity. One current employee reported that Edwards had sent her improper and suggestive texts, and two former employees said they had also received texts that made them uncomfortable.