A Fox News reporter covering World Cup in Qatar deleted her Tiktok post on Monday after an Arab fellow challenged her comments on gender-sorted entrances and security searches at the tournament venue.

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The TikTok video shows the Fox News sports reporter, identified as Jenny Taft, sarcastically commenting on separate entrances for male and female visitors, saying “I just had to go through a special gate in Qatar for ladies only. I don’t feel that special,” with a smug face.

The Arab News reporter, Lama Alhamawi, replied to Jenny’s statement via video tweet giving her reasons for such arrangements, reported Arab News.

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Lama said she replied as a journalist, who is years younger than Jenny and that she ignored the fact that Jenny works for Fox News.

“As journalists, we have a responsibility to uphold. We have a responsibility to do our due diligence to fully understand and investigate a topic before spreading any information, misinformation or biased rhetoric, as you did in this video,” she said.

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Explaining the reason for gender-biased entrances, Lama said that a female visitor won’t be comfortable being searched by a man, for security reasons, and vice versa a man won’t be comfortable if done by a woman. 

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“It’s a matter of respecting someone’s religious beliefs and boundaries and making them feel comfortable as they’re entering this country. Now, you hinted at the idea that it was based on discrimination or sexism. But it’s far from that: It’s a level of respect. The best word to describe it is respect,” she said. 

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Further commenting on Jenny’s sarcastic style in the video, the Arab News reporter said that the word “respect” seems foreign to her, and she might not understand the reason behind these arrangements.

Jenny Taft reportedly deleted her video after Lama’s reply got numerous supportive reactions on the social media platform.