The world’s wealthiest man has some advise for the second-richest man on the planet: Work harder. If Jeff Bezos wants to gain an advantage in the billionaire space race, Elon Musk believes he needs to spend more time working at his space company Blue Origin and “less time in the hot tub”.

“He does not seem to be willing to spend mental energy getting into the details of engineering,” Musk said in a Financial Times interview published Wednesday. “The devil’s in the details.” 

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While Bezos has “reasonably good engineering aptitude,” added Musk, he “does take himself a bit too seriously.” 

“In some ways, I’m trying to goad him into spending more time at Blue Origin so they make more progress. As a friend of mine says, he should spend more time at Blue Origin and less time in the hot tub,” the Musk added. 

Unlike Bezos, who is rumoured to live a slacker lifestyle, Musk claims to work seven days a week and 80 to 90 hours a week directing projects at Tesla and SpaceX. 

According to Forbes, Musk is worth roughly $252 billion, while Bezos is worth $195 billion. Musk has previously mocked Bezos about his fortune, responding to him on Twitter in October with a silver medal emoji in an apparent allusion to their respective positions. 

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Musk made the remarks while accepting the Financial Times’ person of the year award. 

Musk also accused the National Transportation Safety Board of unfairly singling out Tesla in its investigations into crashes, fires, and “self-driving” features.

“For a long time, the rest of the auto industry was basically calling Tesla and me fools and frauds,” Musk said. “They were saying electric cars wouldn’t work, you can’t achieve the range and performance. And even if you did that, nobody would buy them.”

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“We did Tesla essentially out of desperation, not because we thought it would be lucrative, but just to show that it could be done,” he added.