Tesla co-founder Elon Musk has been named Time
Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2021. Asked by Time what living person he
most admires, Musk replied, “I admire anyone who is making a positive
contribution to humanity.”

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Describing Musk’s influence over the
Americans the Time’s political correspondent, Molly Ball, said, “It’s really
hard to escape Elon Musk’s dominance over so many things in American life right

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“He’s got this rocket company that is
completely dominating the space launch business. He’s got a car company that is
completely dominating the electric vehicle market. He’s got 65 million Twitter
followers and he likes to make weird jokes and set people off.”

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Musk is the CEO and largest shareholder of
Tesla, one of the most valuable companies in the US, with a market value of
more than $1 trillion.

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Few people have the power to control
markets with a single tweet – Tesla (TSLA) chief Elon Musk arguably tops that

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As 2021 nears its end, here is a look at
Musk’s top tweets that shook the crypto and stock markets.

In January, Musk showed his appreciation
for Etsy, a US e-commerce company known for selling handicrafts items, taking
its stock to a record high.

GameStop’s stock surged after Musk tweeted “Gamestonk!!”, along with a link to Reddit’s Wallstreetbets stock trading discussion group, members of which had piled into GameStop’s soaring stock. 

The SpaceX CEO sent dogecoin prices up 30%
in May after tweeting that he was working with developers to improve the
currency’s efficiency. He’s often supported the crypto – he called “the
people’s currency” in October. This caused the joke token to surge more
than 60%.

In October, Musk tweeted he was in talks with airlines about installing Starlink, a satellite-based broadband service owned by SpaceX. Because of this, shares of rival in-flight internet provider Gogo fell.

In November, in one of the most surprising tweets, Musk asked his followers whether he should sell 10% of his Tesla stock. He went as far as to say, “I will abide by the results of this poll, whichever way it goes.”

After almost 58% of 3.5 million Twitter users voted yes, Tesla shares tumbled the most they had done in eight months.

Musk’s position as an influencer is undeniable, and the prodigious inventor has considered it as a professional avenue, in another of his tweets. The recognition from TIME only cements Musk’s position as playing a crucial role in shaping the global society.