PETA came into the crossfire of public for comparing eating a chicken to eating a T-Rex. Public on Twitter trolled the organization, joking that they would like to eat a T-Rex.

PETA on June 1 had posted an image titled “Think twice before ordering the chicken sandwich. T-Rexes wouldn’t approve of you eating their descendants.” The image read, “If you wouldn’t eat a t-rex, don’t eat a chicken.” In response, a barrage of people on Twitter quoted the tweet saying they would love to eat a T-Rex and therefore would also eat chickens.

A person wrote, “This is the deterrent they think it is. Grilled T-Rex adobo sounds delicious!”

Another person wrote, “T-Rex tacos sound pretty great, actually.”

Another Twitter user said, “I’m sure a T-Rex would taste great hickory smoked. Just as chicken does.”

Meanwhile, people also shared memes regarding PETA’s post, making PETA trend on Twitter.