Krafton launched
its new PUBG Mobile as PUBG: New State globally on November 11. This is the
latest battle game and comes just a few months after the company released PUBG
India. PUBG: New State will be available on both iOS and Android devices. The
new game will follow up Battle Mobile India and will offer a similar gameplay
experience with new elements.

PUBG: New State was
already made available for pre-registration for both iOS and Android on their
respective app stores. If users have not pre-registered they can still download
the game from their device app store.

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New State- Steps to download and install

Step 1: Open Google
Play Store for Android devices or  Apple App Store for iOS devices.

2: Search PUBG: New State

3: Click on the install button to start downloading the game

Step 4: Once
downloading finishes, users can open and start playing PUBG: New State


PUBG: New State is
based in the 2051 time-period, meaning the UI elements, including houses,
vehicles, guns, skin and many others are advanced. Also, the game is expected
to allow 100 players to play in royale battle mode, although there will be more
other game modes as well. Krafton has given a classic Erangel green map with
advanced bigger buildings and shopping complexes.

As it is a war
game, there are a variety of modes, including Team Deathmatch, a new Channel
map, and a game-playing feature called a trunk. The new station map has several
storage crates and suspended train compartments. Players can restore their
lives by using Stim Shots after an intensive fight.

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PUBG New State is
introducing a new game-playing feature called trunk that allows players to
store weapons, armor, and consumables for themselves and their teammates. The
trunk can be found in any vehicle and players can change weapons to suit their
combat. It looks like players will be able to drive drones and buy items at the
drone store during the game, which is something new. There is also weapons
recoil of different guns on PUBG: New State.

New State- System requirements


Requires Android
6.0 or above


least 2GB RAM or above

size- 1.4 GB


iOS 13 or above

at least 1.2 GB

size- 1.5 GB