‘I’ll be there for you’ – a song that takes
people back to their happiest memories – was given a new rendition by ‘Friends’
actor Courteney Cox, best known for her role as Monica. Courtney flaunted her skills
on piano on Thursday by recreating show’s theme song sung originally by
The Rembrandts.

Cox, who treated fans with her voice, singing ‘Delta Dawn’ on the popular TV
sitcom ‘Friends’, stole hearts with her new jam.

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popular sitcom has been a safe haven for many, keeping spirits high, spreading
smiles. Joey’s ‘How you doin’, Monica’s ‘I know,’ Phoebe’s quirkiness, Rachel’s
fashion, Chandler’s sarcasm and Ross’s geekiness – we know these characters
inside out and dream of being their friends.

As ‘Friends’ reunion special to be aired on HBO Max is drawing close, Courteney took
to Instagram and let her fingers loose on the piano, playing the classic tune
with ‘Monica’s touch’ alongside musician Joel Taylor on the guitar.   

like Monica, left no room for error and started the song with four claps, continuing the jamming session. As the video reached its end, a dialogue from the
show is played.

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that was Chandler,” she said, recognising the dialogue as spoken by
Matthew Perry.

 “How’d I do?” she asked in the

jam was well rewarded as celebrities showered their love on the video.

 “OMG OMG,” wrote David Beckham, followed
a number of emojis.

Connor Price said, “So do you just wake up every day and think to
yourself “I’d like to break the Internet again today?”

Courteney also recreated a much-loved moment of ‘Friends’
during Thanksgiving when she put her head into a raw turkey.

is one of the most popular TV sitcoms with a huge fan base.