With confirmation from Huw Edwards’ wife about him being the unnamed broadcaster involved in the explicit photo scandal Alastair Campbell has come out in his support.

Huw Edwards has been named by his wife as the broadcaster under fire for a number of charges, including paying a minor for sexually graphic photos.

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Vicky Flind stated her husband has severe mental health problems and is currently receiving treatment in a hospital, “where he will stay for the foreseeable future.”

He has recently received treatment for severe depression, as is well known, and the past five days have been incredibly challenging for her family, Flind added. “Things have significantly gotten worse as a result of the recent events.”

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Edwards intended to respond to the stories once he was well enough, she said.

The Metropolitan Police had already declared there had been no criminal offence committed, allowing the corporation to restart its internal probe.

Edwards is accused of breaking strict stay-at-home lockdown rules to meet another young person, paying a young person about £35,000 for sexually explicit images, sending threatening messages to a third person in their early twenties he met on a dating app, and messaging a 17-year-old with love hearts and kisses.

Campbell, in his tweet, referred to the conversation he had had with Huw Edwards earlier for Men’s Health UK shortly before the Queen’s death where Edwards opened up about his depression. Campbell stated that the family should be allowed privacy devoid of the media frenzy.