Andrew Tate claimed that BBC reporter Lucy Williamson is in love with him. The former kickboxer turned social media personality tweeted that the 36-year-old was obsessed with him and waited six hours for their meeting.

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“When I first met Lucy it was clear I am the object of her obsession. Fascination was woven into her veins, consuming her senses, a love untamed. Her every thought a delicate dance with my name. A whisper. Top G, Top G, Top G. And today, she waited over 6 hours in the cold outside of Diicot’s head office to show me support. My number one and most dedicated fan. Lucy <3,” Tate tweeted.

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Lucy Williamson is the reporter who interviewed Tate after he was released from jail. The interview went viral after the two were seen in a heated discussion. The BBC employee asked him about the several allegations made against him including human trafficking, specific charges of rape and exploitation of women.

Tate defended himself.

“Lucy Bbc and Andrew Tate an untold love story of the most googled women on Earth. IYKYK 🤣” a Twitter user said.

“The best couple of the year on a date @Cobratate X Lucy Williamson♥️” a second one added.

Who is Lucy Williamson?

Lucy Williamson went viral after her interview with Andrew Tate was shared on social media.

Williamson is 36 years old and works for BBC.

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In a five-hour interview with podcaster Patrick Bet-David, Tate complained about treatment by BBC.

“The only reason I even sat down with the BBC is because they were begging me,” he said. “They put the cameras on first and they attack me, expecting me to stutter and make a fool of myself.”

“Yes, I destroyed the BBC, but of course I did because I’m smarter than all of them.”