Tosca Musk is Elon Musk’s younger sister. The two have another sibling, Kimbal. The 47-year-old is the youngest of the three but has the same entrepreneurial spirit, which allowed Tosca to start her company. 

She co-founded Passionflix in 2017, alongside Joany Kane, the screenwriter, and Hollywood producer, Jina Panebianco. Kane had the initial idea of making a streaming service which would be centred around streaming services catering directly to women. Tosca was quick to join and New York Times profiled her, during which time she told the newspaper, “Most of the time people look down at romance – there is apparently something radical in having female desire as a main theme – and they don’t think that romance is intellectual enough. I think that is wrong. Romance is about validating emotions. It’s about removing shame from sexuality. It’s about uplifting stories.” 

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Tosca is also into filmmaking and has produced and directed several shows and films appearing on the platform, apart from producing films for both Lifetime and Hallmark. 

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Musk‘s sister has an impressive count of 50 director and producer credits to her name, and also has some writing credits, which go back to 2001, via Musk Entertainment, her production company. 

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Tosca, like her brother Elon, was born in South Africa but moved to Canada in 1989 when she was 15. The Musk family matriarch, Maye, said in her book that there was a time after she divorced Errol – Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca’s father – everyone in the family had to work to put food on the table. At the time, the youngest sibling was working in an upscale supermarket while studying film at the University of British Columbia between 1994 and 1997, as per Forbes. 

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Tosca has two children via in vitro fertilization (IVF), where the egg is taken from the embryo and fertilized by a sperm cell in a laboratory. She used a sperm donor and has twins Isabeau and Grayson. Initially based out of Los Angeles, Tosca moved to Georgia in 2021, since the state has attractive tax benefits for filmmakers, which offsets expenses for her production company.