An Israeli patrolman identified as Chen Amir was shot and killed by a Palestinian gunman on Saturday night in Tel Aviv. Israeli police shot and killed the Palestinian gunman in the same event.

Yaakov Shabtai, the commissioner of the Israel Police, gave information about the incident, saying that two motorcycles on a municipal patrol in Tel Aviv saw the suspect and tried to stop him. However, the suspect refused to comply and instead grabbed a gun, shooting one of the patrol motorcyclists, and killing the officer.

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Who was Chen Amir?

Chen Amir was 42 years old. He was married and had three children. When emergency medical personnel from the Magen David Adom (MDA) rescue agency arrived, they discovered Amir unconscious, without a pulse or breathing, at the scene of the shooting. As soon as MDA revealed that his situation was critical, he was swiftly transported to the hospital in a mobile intensive care unit. 

The second patrolman responded quickly to the shooting, pulling his own gun, and going after the assailant. The patrolman shot the shooter after the pursuit.

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The injured patrolman and the shooter were both taken to Ichilov Hospital, also known as Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, after the event. 

The Israeli patrolman was shot and murdered in Tel Aviv by a Palestinian gunman, and the US State Department has labeled the incident “a terror attack.” They have also classified as terrorism a different incident that took place on the same day in the occupied West Bank in which an Israeli settler attacked a Palestinian.

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The US State Department also released a statement condemning the incident. The statement read, “We strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack in Tel Aviv that killed one and wounded two others – as well as other recent terrorist attacks against Israelis. We express our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and call for an end to these acts of violence and incitement to violence.”