Jay Carr, a 20-year-old footballer, took his own life after learning that his mother Jordana Carr was a David Fuller victim. He died in September.

Carr suffered from mental health problems. Police told him that his mother had been abused by the necrophiliac Fuller after her death in 2015. The 20-year-old was from Snodland, Kent. His sister Ashlee, spoke following the inquest on Wednesday. She said that their family suffered a series of tragic events, including Jordana’s death and their grandmother being killed by her partner.

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Jay was 13 years old when his mother Jordana Carr, who was a teacher, hung herself while talking to her ex-boyfriend on FaceTime. She was suffering from mental health issues after her mother Maria Colaco was murdered in 2009.

Ashlee said that Jay took their deaths ‘extremely badly’ and his mental health deteriorated. He was ‘obsessed with David Fuller, and what he had done to our mother’s body’.

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Fuller was sentenced to two life sentences in December 2021 for the murders of Wendy Knell and Caroline Pierce in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, in 1987. He was also sentenced for sexual offenses against 78 dead women at mortuaries in Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

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The Carr family, in a statement after the hearing, said: “Out of the blue we were notified that our mother’s body was abused while under the care of Pembury Hospital. We felt pressured by the police officers who notified us to tell Jay and his other siblings. Despite telling the officers of Jay’s vulnerability, they insisted that he be told, which he was later told that night in graphic detail.”

“He became obsessed with David Fuller and what he had done to our mother’s body,” they added.