Sam Zell, a real estate tycoon from Chicago who amassed a multibillion-dollar fortune and gained the moniker “the grave dancer” for his prowess in bringing life back to dead properties, passed away on Thursday at the age of 81.

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After the news of Zell’s demise, a lot of interest has been garnered around his family. Besides his wife, Helen, Zell is survived by three children, Matthew Zell, JoAnn Zell, and Kellie Zell with son-in-law Scott Peppet, as well as nine grandchildren.

Father Bernard Zell-

Bernard Zell was born to a Jewish family on April 8th, 1905 in Poland. He was a prosperous grain trader. He immigrated to the US with his wife, Rochelle Zell, and daughter via Japan. Sam was born after four months. The family relocated to Chicago, where Bernard worked as a wholesale jeweller.

Mother Rochelle Zell-

Rochelle Zell also known as Ruchla Zielonka (nee Jakubowicz)was born on December 23, 1908, in New York. Berek Jakubowicz and Leah Jakubowicz were her parents. She was Bernard Zell’s wife. On September 6, 2000, she passed away.

Wife Helen Zell-

Helen Zell serves as executive director for the Zell Family Foundation. She is a passionate supporter of the arts and education with a focus on music, literature, and the visual arts. She is also a thought leader in these fields. Before Helen, Sam married twice.

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Children Matthew Zell, Kellie Zell, Joann Zell

Sam Zell had three marriages and two divorces. He’s got three kids. From his first marriage, he has a son named Matthew and a daughter named Kellie. From his second marriage, he also has an adopted daughter named Joann.

Sam Zell has a $5 billion net worth. In 2017, Forbes’ list of the world’s billionaires placed Zell at position 324. In the same year, he was listed as the 114th richest American on Forbes’ list. Sam was listed as the 117th richest person on the list of Forbes 400 world billionaires in 2016.