Thousands of users the world over reportedly had trouble accessing Twitter on Wednesday as they were greeted with pop-up messages instead. 

As per reports by the website DownDetector, more than 10,000 users in the United states experienced the inconvenience. While some users were suddenly thrown off the website despite using it, a few others could not login to the website despite repeatedly refreshing it.

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DownDetector is a website that keeps track of website developments and details relating to it. The recent issue comes in the backdrop of severe criticism on Twitter in the recent past and is the third time a similar shut-down has been experienced since a change of guard at the top.

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Twitter has been under the scanner ever the richest person on earth, multi-billionaire Elon Musk took over the website off late. He soon made news by firing the then CEO Parag Agrawal from the post along with several other employees in top positions.

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The chaos inside Twitter showed no signs of stopping when soon enough Musk came up with an ultimatum that asked employees to agree to his severe work schedules or leave the organisation with a three month-pay check. The scandalous letter was met with widespread criticism by the employees while some debunked Musk’s facts in the letter that stated an average meal’s cost per person amounting to $350.

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Several other employees left the organisation while Twitter announced a three day shutting down of the firm. Things have failed to change as Musk has continued to be the target of the web audience around the world.

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When Musk came up with a tweet asking people to vote on whether they wanted him to continue at the helm of affairs in the establishment, 57% voted against his stewardship, raising further concerns on the growing dislike for his methods. The 51-year-old businessman of South African origin is up with his back to the wall and will need a miracle to get out unscathed from the current mess.