Every year people make early
plans with family and friends to celebrate Diwali, however, this year it is not
the same. Going out for parties, holiday travelling and visiting relatives are
not the options this time. The coronavirus pandemic has turned our life upside
down and therefore we have to make sure that during the celebrations we are
safe and secure. 

But this doesn’t mean that we
have to compromise our entertainment and get bored. Here’s a list of all-time
hit family-friendly shows that you can binge-watch this festive weekend.


Kim’s Convenience: The
show has a typical dad and a stubborn daughter, who is trying to make it
as an artist. Her mother, Kim, holds it all together and their son had left
the house when he was 16. The family dynamic reflects the values of their
separate relationships.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S: Who can
ever get tired of watching this epic series? If you are planning to celebrate
Diwali with your friends, then don’t forget to binge-watch the life story of
six best friends living in New York.

Schitt’s Creek: The critically acclaimed show follows the hardships of the formerly
filthy-rich Rose family, that goes bankrupt and is forced to relocate to
Schitt’s Creek, a small town that they once purchased as a joke.

Modern Family: The
series holds a modern-day perspective of the changing family structure. It
has a humour style of popular sitcom ‘The Office’ and revolves around the daily
lives of Pritchett, Dunphy and Tucker families.

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Mom: The show
is filled with laughter and joy. The plot revolves around a dysfunctional
daughter/mother duo, who, after struggling with addiction, attempt to pull
their lives and their relationship together by trying to stay sober.

Young Sheldon: The
sitcom is a spin-off prequel to ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and follows the character
Sheldon Cooper, a bona fide genius, at the age of nine. 

Parenthood: The
show revolves around a patriarch family and is a emotional roller coaster ride
that explores everything from teen abortion to
childhood autism and adoption struggles.

The Middle: The
show is a wholesome comedy that relies upon the Heck family and its
adventures. It’s the perfect family watch for the weekend to forget about
the outside world for some time.