All Quiet on the Western Front will be released on October 28 on Netflix. Directed by Edward Berger, it is the third film adaptation of the all-time classic novel All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque. Written originally as Im Westen Nichts Neues in 1929, the novel was translated into English by A.W. Wheen.

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Written after the First World War and depicting the same, it is regarded as a great anti-war classic that exposes the plight and misery of hapless soldiers behind the hollowness of nationalistic wars. The novel and the subsequent film adaptation by Lewis Milestove in 1930 did not go down well with the Nazis of Germany. The film was heavily censored before being banned altogether.

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Release date: The recent version of the film, the first to be made in German, premiered at Toronto international film festival on September 12, 2022. Having garnered positive reviews, it was announced as Germany’s submission for the academy award for best international feature film.  The film will be released on October 28 on Netflix.

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Plot: The film revolves around the life of a teen Paul Bäumer who joins the army in patriotic fervour, inspired by spirited speeches on the Fatherland’s defence. Joining his friends Lee, Müller and Kropp Baumer witnesses his rosy dreams of romantic warfare being nipped in the bud by harsh realities. The film follows Baumer’s traumatic experiences as an untrained soldier, totally unprepared for calamities and yet frequenting them on a regular basis now. He loses most of his friends in the process but also much of the vitality and optimism of youth. Portraying the boy’s journey from feeling remorse during his first killing to being indifferent to normal life, the plot hits hard on the dehumanizing potential of wars. With Germany on the receiving end, the war is agreed to be ended soon. The film ends with Baumer’s death and a war report cum sarcastic jibe – All Quiet on the Western Front, referring to how things remain inconsequential for the dead.

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Cast: The film stars Felix Kammerer playing the lead, Paul Bäumer. He is supported by Albrecht Schuch as Stanislas Katzinsky. It also features Daniel Brühl as Matthias Erberger.

Trailer: The official teaser of the film was released on September 6 by Netflix on YouTube and the official trailer was released by Netflix on YouTube on October 20.