The video of B2K singer Raz B went viral on social media where he was seen breaking the window at the Kansas City Hospital and climbing up onto the hospital building’s roof.

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The incident happened in Kansas City. After the singer posted a video on Instagram in the morning where he was seen repeatedly seen saying he didn’t feel safe.

B2K’s Raz B breaks Kansas City hospital’s window, jumps on roof: Watch video

The singer said he was at a Hilton hotel in Kansas City on Wednesday, and said he is fighting to stay alive. He asserted he didn’t want to have the surgery here, and mentioned the hospital’s address.

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As the scene got heated up, police officials also rushed to the scene at Saint Luke’s Hospital on Thursday at 10:20 a.m. They said they were called by off-duty cops and hospital security after they came to know about the incident. The fire department was also called on the spot, as there was concern about Raz jumping off the ledge.

They placed mats down on the building and called negotiators too. Eventually, he came back through the window and was treated by medical staff.

Despite the scattering incident, Raz B’s condition is still a mystery. There has been no clear information about his behavior. The fans are super concerned about the singer.

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As the video went viral, many fans expressed their concerns. One user wrote, “What the hell? #RazB reportedly being held under psych hold after trying to escape from hospital in Kansas City”

While another said, “I figured something was up with Raz B when he posted that video last week retracting what he said about Chris Stokes after saying the same thing for years. I pray he’s ok”.