Conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro is not a fan of Rian Johnson’s 2022 film Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, and he’s let the world know why the movie is bad with specifics from writing errors, misdirection, and obviously politics. Social media users are heavily criticizing Shapiro for his film assessment, claiming that he does not comprehend the concept of fiction.

Shapiro, 38, took to Twitter earlier today and tweeted, “I regret to inform you that Glass Onion is actively bad. I will discuss first the actual writing of the movie followed by the politics of it. Both suck. SPOILERS follow.”

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A plethora of tweets followed where he carefully dissected several topics in the film. Here’s a few:

The internet mocked Shapiro’s outburst over Glass Onion. Most users are surprised that Shapiro did not understand the concept of a whodunit film, and his criticism of calling Glass Onion ‘misleading’ is ineptitude on his part. However, some users are thoroughly enjoying watching Shapiro rant and lose his cool, and are referring to it as their post-Christmas present.

One user tweeted, “Ben Shapiro’s criticisms of Glass Onion are hilarious as he is absolutely unable to accept the concepts of unreliable narrators and information that the audience does not have,” while another wrote “For me, the bonus of having watched and enjoyed the movie Glass Onion is finding out that Ben Shapiro did NOT enjoy it.”

One user compared Shapiro to a smurf and tweeted –

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The general consensus on the film is that Glass Onion is a brighter, louder, and more extroverted film than Knives Out. Its ideas and fashion embrace bold, cartoony silliness. Johnson goes for big ideas and big laughs this time around — this is a livelier film, nearly an outright comedy at points, and a broad one at that. Glass Onion mocks the desperate peacocking of new money in a world of digital billionaires, influencers, and flash-in-the-pan politicians, and Knives Out tackles the protective pretence of inherited wealth. 

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Last Wednesday, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the sequel to Johnson’s critically acclaimed Knives Out was released in roughly 700 cinemas, the widest release of any Netflix original film to date. During the five-day period, the film earned an estimated $13 million to $15 million, a strong start for a film distributed in a small number of theatres.